The School Nativity

A week to go until the big day and just in case we don’t have enough to think about with Christmas shopping, food, in-laws and everything else festive – the school and nursery nativity plays rear their ugly heads.

Simply put with two children – I have twice the joy….goodness knows how larger families cope.

It begins with an e-mail from nursery giving strict instructions on what bizarre outfit your child should wear.  An angel, a sheep, hey – I’d take a tree, but oh no…Jocelyn should be dressed as a “Jack In The Box”… memory of the nativity must be a little bit fuzzy, because I don’t remember a mention of a jack in the box beside the manger!  Luckily for me (and Jocelyn) this is a job for Mum.  My only real observation on the subject is when it comes to your two-year-old and the nursery nativity, don’t spend any time or investment on that outfit.

Trust me, when you have 20 under twos forced to perform songs in-front of 40 adults, half of those kids will breakdown in tears and go and sit on their parent’s lap.  I could see one women destroyed as that beautiful robot outfit (yes – robot outfit) never made it to the stage, but was kind of torn from his body like an act of freedom to break the chains tyranny before he collapsed sobbing in the corner of the room….that kid will get an Oscar one day.

As for Jocelyn, there were no tears, she just sat in her cardboard box the entire performance starring blankly at everyone as if she didn’t understand why we weren’t performing for her.  On her cue to leap from her box…..she just sat and starred.

Ben’s Christmas school shindig was somewhat easier to dress for.  He has reached an age where in a school of 300 other pupils the competition for roles in the nativity play is hot!  As such – 290 pupils (including Ben) were in the choir dressed in their everyday school uniform.  I don’t think Ben has any ambitions to tread the boards, and on his lack lustre display in the choir I don’t think Simon Cowell will be in contact.

Technically these are magic moments around Christmas….yet distractions kept floating around my mind about all the other things I have to do before Christmas!!  Yes, Ben’s rendition of Silent Night was warming….but do I have all the stocking fillers for the kids.  Yes, Jocelyn’s nativity was fantastic….but when am I going to fit in the visit with the kids to see Santa!  It is I guess just the curse of this time starved world we live in….trying to stay in the moment.


One things is for sure, with a week to go I have some work to do to be ready!

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