The School Nativity

A week to go until the big day and just in case we don’t have enough to think about with Christmas shopping, food, in-laws and everything else festive – the school and nursery nativity plays rear their ugly heads. Simply put with two children – I have twice the joy….goodness knows how larger families cope.... Continue Reading →

Things That Go Bump In The Night!

I never really saw it coming.  The noises from the wall was my neighbour doing some DIY as they renovated their fireplace (we have a semi-detached house).  The cat’s strange behaviour of just staring at the wall for hours at a time was simply a reflection of insanity and so we all continued in blissful... Continue Reading →

The In-Laws…..

It’s half-term and that means one thing; the in-laws!  Like the moon following the sun or the fact it will rain if you think about leaving the house, the in-laws will simply feature at some stage during a half term.  I usually take my poison in one of two doses – either my mother in-law... Continue Reading →

Parents’ Evening

Parents’ Evening….not sure who it strikes most fear into.  Technically, given it is not my first parents’ evening rodeo, nor Ros for that matter….we should be fine.  Ben though is still in the infancy as to the horror of what these can be.  He seems to skip into them like Bambi crossing a busy road…a... Continue Reading →

The Green Card

Saturday gave me a chance to catch-up with my brother.  We took in a football game, drank more than we should and basically talked ‘crap’.  I’m sure it’s the same for every guy out there when you meet up with your brother or friends….afterwards you are asked by your better half some fairly straightforward questions;... Continue Reading →

The Weekly Supermarket Shop

  The weekly shop to the supermarket is one of those jobs that falls to me.  In truth I don’t mind it.  I don’t necessary enjoy it, but what is clear is that Ros enjoys it about as much as North Korea enjoys freedom of speech.  Given her stance, I’m happy knowing I’m doing one... Continue Reading →


This weekend it was a family visit to Birdworld near Farnham in Surrey. Like all family days out ours begins with Ros going online and finding a voucher that gives us a discount on the entrance fee while I take firm control of the picnic arrangements….and then compromising my stance to fit all tastes.  Ben... Continue Reading →

Broken Bones!

Let me tell you folks, summer this year has been tough! The vision of sunny days, drinks in the garden, children running free like wild horses while Mum and Dad debate what to cremate on the BBQ was shattered at the start of August – and I am not talking about the weather forecast.  Jocelyn... Continue Reading →

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